2009 memo

WAULECO Lawsuit Memo Related to Neighborhood Penta and Dioxins Now Publicly Available

Source: Wisconsin DNR BRRTS

The stated purpose of the 2009 memorandum written by a consultant of the plaintiffs’ attorneys was to characterize the WAULECO-related penta and dioxin concentrations that existed in onsite and offsite locations through time.

According to the WSAW Channel 7 article, Wausau Residents Sue Over Chemical Contamination, neighborhood residents “sued Wauleco, alleging personal injury and property damage caused by the release of chemicals into the environment.”

The lawsuit memo recently became publicly available in the course of WAULECO’s ongoing aerial deposition study related to the historical burning of wood waste. It was included in a larger PDF of documents uploaded to the DNR BRRTS website here.

The 11 page memo plus attachments can be viewed embedded below, and the PDF can be opened or downloaded here.