3m wausau greystone plant pfas water levels

High PFAS Water Levels Identified at Local 3M Greystone Plant

  Data available on the Wisconsin DNR’s Drinking Water System Portal shows that high levels of PFAS were recently identified in the test results associated with the 3M Company Greystone Plant in the Wausau area. For the 3M Company Greystone Plant, results show that for PFOA and PFOS that the results were 210 NG/L and 310 NG/L respectively, for a …

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3m company wausau wisconsin 144 rosecrans street

Regulators Allege New 3M Wausau Violations: DNR, DOJ, EPA Involvement

View Key Source Records and Documents for this Post Federal data shows “High Priority” Clean Air Act Violations at both 3M Wausau facilities, and a FIFRA violation for “distributing or selling a misbranded pesticide” Public records indicate that the same 3M facility that received no fines after being investigated by state government in 2016 and 2018 for air pollution violations …

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3m company wausau arsenic contamination

DNR Wants An Expanded Area of Investigation for the Arsenic Contamination Identified on 3M Property

In a June 2, 2021 email, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources communicated to 3M Company that “It is not reasonable to conclude that arsenic contamination found along a rail corridor is from a background source.” The DNR reviewed 3M’s Investigation Work Plan for arsenic contamination identified in the soil of its rail lots on Wausau’s southwest side, and the …

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ccw comments on work plans

CCW Submits Comments to DNR on Proposed Testing Plans for 1300 Cleveland Ave. and Nearby 3M Rail Lots

Citizens for a Clean Wausau (CCW) submitted its comments to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding Site Investigation Work Plans recently submitted by the City of Wausau and 3M Company, and their consultants, for 1300 Cleveland Avenue and the nearby former CN/WCL railroad track lots, respectively. DNR BRRTS pages for each site at hand, with the work plans linked …

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DNR Issues Responsible Party Letter to 3M for Arsenic Soil Contamination Near Thomas Street

Responsible Party Letter from DNR is Dated February 26, 2021 According to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) online database, 3M Company – whose facility is located at 144 Rosecrans Street in Wausau – received a Responsible Party letter from the DNR on February 26, 2021 stating that information the department received indicated that 3M is “responsible for the discharge …

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3m dump 3m park wausau wisconsin

1974 Aerial Imagery of Industrial & Dump Sites on Wausau’s Southwest Side

Among sites of interest that can be viewed in the aerial photos are Connor Forest Industries, Crestline (later SNE and WAULECO), 3M Company (aka Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing), and 3M Company’s massive waste dump at the time – now better known as 3M Park. Imagery was flown April 26, 1974 and May 4, 1974 by Aero-Metric Engineering Inc of Sheboygan, …

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rsei score comparison 3m rosecrans wausau from epa data

EPA Data: 3M Wausau Risk Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) Score Over 3,200 Times Higher Than Industry Median

Source: https://oaspub.epa.gov/enviro/rsei.html?facid=54401MXXXX144RO What is RSEI? According to EPA.gov: “Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) is a screening-level model that analyzes factors that contribute to human health risk. These factors include the amount of chemical released, the degree of toxicity, and the size of the exposed population. RSEI calculates scores to highlight releases that would potentially pose greater risk over a lifetime of …

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DNR Documents: Alleged 3M Air Violations After No-Fine WI Settlement

Documents from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) related to alleged 3M Air Violations After the Recent WI No-Fine Settlement Source: Wisconsin DNR Through an Open Records Request by a Wausau Resident and Now CCW Volunteer   In relation to PDF 3, the DNR communicated: “Be advised that two documents were withheld under Wis. Stat. § 285.70(2). Because two …

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