rsei score comparison 3m rosecrans wausau from epa data

EPA Data: 3M Wausau Risk Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) Score Over 3,200 Times Higher Than Industry Median


What is RSEI?

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“Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) is a screening-level model that analyzes factors that contribute to human health risk. These factors include the amount of chemical released, the degree of toxicity, and the size of the exposed population. RSEI calculates scores to highlight releases that would potentially pose greater risk over a lifetime of exposure. Because of data limitations, RSEI is not a substitute for a site-specific risk assessment.”

What is the RSEI Score?

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“RSEI Score – risk-related results combine surrogate dose with toxicity weight and population estimate, producing a unit-less value or score. Risk-related results are not independently meaningful and should only be used comparatively in relation to other model results.”

From the most recent (2016) Data, How Does the EPA RSEI Score of 3M Company at 144 Rosecrans Street in Wausau Compare to Others?

  3M Co (144 Rosecrans, Wausau), RSEI Score = 13,182  
  Industry Median = 4  
County Median = 34
State Median = 21
US Median = 15

What is 3M Company’s, Near the Thomas Street Neighborhood in Wausau, EPA Facility Information?

FRS ID: 110000421776
EPA Region: 05
Locational Data Source: FRS
Industry: Mining (except Oil and Gas); Nonmetallic Mineral Product