3m company wausau arsenic contamination

DNR Wants An Expanded Area of Investigation for the Arsenic Contamination Identified on 3M Property

In a June 2, 2021 email, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources communicated to 3M Company that “It is not reasonable to conclude that arsenic contamination found along a rail corridor is from a background source.”

The DNR reviewed 3M’s Investigation Work Plan for arsenic contamination identified in the soil of its rail lots on Wausau’s southwest side, and the department has stated that the conclusion that the arsenic contamination came from “a background source” is “not reasonable.”

In the referenced email to Kevin Madson of 3M Company, the DNR conveys that “Industrial direct contact exceedances are present at SB-01 and SB-02, the investigation should include additional soil borings to define the extent of arsenic contamination in these areas.”

Mr. Matt Thompson at the DNR goes on to convey that “An emerging contaminant scoping statement is required for the site and could be included in the work plan resubmittal.”

Community residents and local environmentalists have applauded the DNR’s decision to require more testing from 3M to better define the area and extent of arsenic soil contamination.

The email to 3M Company can be found embedded below, or accessed directly on the DNR’s website here.