Wausau Farmers Market: 2009 Health Consultation for Arsenic in Soil

While the assessment from Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) concluded that the levels of arsenic in the area used for the farmers market are not expected to harm people’s health due to the interim measure of clean gravel fill covering the un-vegetated portion of the site, it could “not conclude whether or not people could have been harmed in past years by breathing in dust and eating the produce from the farmers market. This is because the WPSC River Drive property has not been fully investigated to provide adequate data to conduct a complete assessment of the past health risks for breathing and eating produce coated with arsenic containing dust from before the area was covered with clean gravel.(Page 5 of Consultation PDF)

View the September 28, 2009, Health Consultation of the WPSC River Drive Property embedded below.

The PDF can also be accessed and downloaded here on atsdr.cdc.gov.