wausau riverside park signs warning

State DHS Toxicologist Deems Portion of Riverside Park “Unacceptable Cancer Risk”: Signs Up


“Our health assessment from sample site P-11 suggests that the dioxin is at high enough of a level to cause unacceptable cancer risk. We therefore recommend that the area between sampling location P-10 and P-12 be covered in landscaping fabric and filled over with a clean material such as woodchips to prevent a complete exposure pathway. We also would recommend signage indicating the potential exposure to harmful chemicals.”  

— Dr. Jeremiah Yee, PhD
Toxicologist, Wisconsin Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health


Dr. Yee’s full PDF letter is embedded below or can be viewed and downloaded here.

Remediation of the dioxin contamination in the park — which will include extensive soil excavation — is reportedly planned to begin at the end of June.