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CCW Submits Comments to DNR on Proposed Riverside Park Remediation, Supports Excavation


Citizens for a Clean Wausau expresses its strong support for soil excavation in the park, while requesting dust control measures and the permanent removal of the culvert

In a letter dated June 14, 2022, Citizens for a Clean Wausau (CCW) provided its comments to Mr. Matt Thompson of the DNR on the proposed remediation in Riverside Park by the City of Wausau and its environmental consultants, REI. CCW expressed its full support for the proposed excavation of soil impacted by dioxin contamination, while providing its opinion on related considerations.

In the letter CCW states:

“Our understanding is that REI is proposing that all soil be excavated whose testing results have demonstrated exceedances of NR 720 non-industrial direct contact RCLs for dioxins and furans.

If this understanding is correct, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some community feedback and to express our full support for REI’s proposed remedial action of soil excavation at the site.”

The group goes on in the letter to ask that the DNR consider two other points of input, requesting that dust control measures be in place during the excavation and that the removed culvert not be replaced:

“CCW also wanted to express that 1) we feel that it is important that dust control measures be in place during the course of this excavation (e.g., use of water spraying, wetting) to prevent the transfer of contaminated dust to nearby properties; and that 2) we believe the culvert should not be reinstalled or replaced after the excavation. It appears that, historically, the culvert likely played a role in transporting contaminated storm water into the park and, if the current 3M retention pond to the west truly serves as the culvert’s functional replacement, it is unclear why the culvert would be replaced or reinstalled after this excavation occurs.”

CCW’s full letter to the DNR with its feedback on the proposed remediation can be found here, or embedded below.