Full Stantec Summary of Opinions from WAULECO Contamination Lawsuit

According to the WSAW Channel 7, in the past, local residents sued parties related to the former Crestline windows factory along Thomas Street, alleging that pentachlorophenol and dioxins from the site had contaminated the neighborhood on Wausau’s southwest side:

“From 1946 to 1986, a product known as Penta was commonly used at the Crestline plant. In 2011, during a special NewsChannel 7 report, we learned Penta contained hazardous chemicals, including dioxins, which are classified as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

During those 40 years, it’s alleged Penta was routinely spilled and discharged into the environment, contaminating the air, soil, and groundwater in the River Street neighborhood.”

And, as stated in documents obtained from the Marathon County Courthouse, the “law firm of Friebert, Finerty & St. John, S.C. retained Stantec Consulting, Inc. (“Stantec”) to review file information documenting the operations of the former Crestline Window Manufacturing Company located at 910 Cleveland Street, Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin (the “Property” or “Facility”). From this file review, Stantec agreed to provide the client with an opinion of the operations conducted at the Facility.”

It is important to note that Stantec has been a key consultant for the City of Wausau on major environmental assessments and endeavors, such as Riverfront Brownfield Redevelopment and even Wausau’s East Riverfront Brownfields Area-Wide Plan itself. In short, one would fully expect that the City considers Stantec’s opinion and expertise very reliable and trustworthy — so reliable and trustworthy, in fact, that the opinions and expertise of Stantec have been sought by the City of Wausau to lead its own major environmental endeavors.



“Our opinion is further substantiated by the documented presence of dioxin contamination in the residential neighborhood east of the former SNE Facility; a condition that is attributed to airborne and stormwater transport of contaminated site soils and dusts. (PL 003441 ). It is our opinion that had the company properly investigated the site and all the likely exposure scenarios it would have discovered this contamination much earlier and significantly reduced resident exposures.”

Read the full summary of Stantec’s opinion regarding the operations of the former Crestline Window Manufacturing Company on the DNR’s website here:


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