dioxin groundwater analytical data 1992 to 1998 from dnr wauleco files

DNR Docs: Results Showed Extensive Dioxin Groundwater Contamination in Thomas St. Neighborhood: Part I

Data below provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from WAULECO files, for the period of 1992 to 1998, showed extensive dioxin groundwater contamination in the Thomas Street neighborhood.

Some of the dioxin groundwater samples from this period were taken from monitoring wells directly along Thomas Street.

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DNR Documents Suggest that Contaminated Groundwater from the Former SNE and current WAULECO Site has been Entering the Wisconsin River, Including River Areas Off of Riverside Park, for Over 30 Years

“Groundwater flow directions shown on Figure 10 verify a generally easterly flow path from the SNE property to the Wisconsin River.”

– Eder Associates, Engineering Report Summarizing Site Investigation for Pentachlorophenol, November 1985. Source: WDNR Documents.

“Groundwater flow directions are predominantly oriented east-southeast with ultimate discharge to the Wisconsin River.”

– Keystone Environmental Resources (then a Koppers subsidiary), Hydrogeologic and Assessment Report, October 1986. Source: WDNR Documents.


eders groundwater direction diagram

Water-Table Map Showing Groundwater Flow Direction Around SNE (Arrows), Eders Report, 1985


eders cross section

Hydrogeologic Cross-Section Showing Groundwater from SNE Flowing to the Wisconsin River, Eders Report, 1985


Communication to WAULECO from the DNR Included Calls for Actions to Stop the Discharge of Pentachlorophenol and Dioxin or Furan Compounds to the Wisconsin River

“The third area of concern we discussed dealt with interim actions that the Department would like implemented to stop the discharge of pentachlorophenol and dioxin or furan compounds to the Wisconsin River.”

– Letter from Gary Kulibert of the DNR addressed to Jim Noonan, WAULECO, September 6, 1988. Source: WDNR Documents.

Excerpt from a letter from Gary Kulibert of the DNR to WAULECO on September 6, 1988 (Yellow Highlight Added)