dnr pfas 1300 cleveland avenue wausau groundwater contamination

DNR: City Must Define PFAS Groundwater Contamination at 1300 Cleveland Ave.

Due to PFAS detected in the 1300 Cleveland Avenue’s soil and groundwater, a September 25, 2023 email from Mr. Matt Thompson of the Wisconsin DNR to the City of Wausau’s environmental consultant for the property indicates that a PFAS groundwater investigation for the site will now be necessary. Inclusion of off-site monitoring wells is likely. According to public records recently …

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wausau riverside park signs warning

State DHS Toxicologist Deems Portion of Riverside Park “Unacceptable Cancer Risk”: Signs Up

  “Our health assessment from sample site P-11 suggests that the dioxin is at high enough of a level to cause unacceptable cancer risk. We therefore recommend that the area between sampling location P-10 and P-12 be covered in landscaping fabric and filled over with a clean material such as woodchips to prevent a complete exposure pathway. We also would …

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stephen lester toxicologist summit love canl

Prominent Love Canal Toxicologist to Speak in Wausau

  Love Canal has been considered by many to be one of the worst environmental disasters in American history. Now, on June 3, Wausonians will get to hear from an expert who was actually there. The toxicologist who the State of New York had appointed to work with the Love Canal community at the height of the crisis, Stephen Lester, …

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1300 cleveland avenue pfas groundwater wausau wi

Elevated PFAS Levels Identified in 1300 Cleveland Ave. Groundwater

  The combined concentrations of PFOA and PFOS at two well locations at 1300 Cleveland Avenue were above the Department of Health Services (DHS) recommended groundwater Enforcement Standard (ES) of 20 ng/L. Another round of groundwater testing will be helpful in determining next steps, according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Per a Status Report dated February 9, 2023 …

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3m company wausau wisconsin 144 rosecrans street

Regulators Allege New 3M Wausau Violations: DNR, DOJ, EPA Involvement

View Key Source Records and Documents for this Post Federal data shows “High Priority” Clean Air Act Violations at both 3M Wausau facilities, and a FIFRA violation for “distributing or selling a misbranded pesticide” Public records indicate that the same 3M facility that received no fines after being investigated by state government in 2016 and 2018 for air pollution violations …

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City of Wausau to Apply for EPA Remediation Grant for 1300 Cleveland Ave.

  The EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant Would Assist with Costs to Remediate Longstanding, Widespread Site Contamination At its October 25, 2022 meeting, the Wausau City Council voted unanimously to approve a proposal from GEI — the City’s environmental consultants — to prepare and submit an application for a U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Cleanup Grant for 1300 Cleveland Avenue …

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cleveland avenue wausau pfas groundwater testing

DNR Requests PFAS Groundwater Testing for 1300 Cleveland Avenue

Detection of PFAS in the Site’s Soils Apparently Prompts Request for PFAS Groundwater Sampling According to an August 2, 2022 email from Matt Thompson, a DNR Hydrogeologist Program Coordinator, to Eric Lindman, the City of Wausau’s Public Works Director, the DNR advised that a plan be developed to sample for PFAS in groundwater at 1300 Cleveland Avenue due to the …

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1300 cleveland avenue wausau wisconsin

Report to DNR Details Contamination Identified at 1300 Cleveland Avenue

  The Site Investigation Report for 1300 Cleveland Avenue submitted to the DNR by the City of Wausau’s consultants — GEI Consultants, Inc. — details multiple Contaminants of Concern (COCs) related to soil contamination on the property, such as Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate or DEHP Arsenic Per the report Individual PAH compound concentrations were identified in the soil …

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