3m wausau greystone plant pfas water levels

High PFAS Water Levels Identified at Local 3M Greystone Plant

  Data available on the Wisconsin DNR’s Drinking Water System Portal shows that high levels of PFAS were recently identified in the test results associated with the 3M Company Greystone Plant in the Wausau area. For the 3M Company Greystone Plant, results show that for PFOA and PFOS that the results were 210 NG/L and 310 NG/L respectively, for a …

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dnr pfas 1300 cleveland avenue wausau groundwater contamination

DNR: City Must Define PFAS Groundwater Contamination at 1300 Cleveland Ave.

Due to PFAS detected in the 1300 Cleveland Avenue’s soil and groundwater, a September 25, 2023 email from Mr. Matt Thompson of the Wisconsin DNR to the City of Wausau’s environmental consultant for the property indicates that a PFAS groundwater investigation for the site will now be necessary. Inclusion of off-site monitoring wells is likely. According to public records recently …

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1300 cleveland avenue pfas groundwater wausau wi

Elevated PFAS Levels Identified in 1300 Cleveland Ave. Groundwater

  The combined concentrations of PFOA and PFOS at two well locations at 1300 Cleveland Avenue were above the Department of Health Services (DHS) recommended groundwater Enforcement Standard (ES) of 20 ng/L. Another round of groundwater testing will be helpful in determining next steps, according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Per a Status Report dated February 9, 2023 …

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cleveland avenue wausau pfas groundwater testing

DNR Requests PFAS Groundwater Testing for 1300 Cleveland Avenue

Detection of PFAS in the Site’s Soils Apparently Prompts Request for PFAS Groundwater Sampling According to an August 2, 2022 email from Matt Thompson, a DNR Hydrogeologist Program Coordinator, to Eric Lindman, the City of Wausau’s Public Works Director, the DNR advised that a plan be developed to sample for PFAS in groundwater at 1300 Cleveland Avenue due to the …

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Department of Health Services Provides Conclusions About PFAS in Wausau Drinking Water

  In a letter dated May 27, 2022 concerning PFAS concentrations within the Wausau municipal drinking water system that was sent to Wausau District 3 Alderperson Tom Kilian, the Department of Health Services (DHS) provided its public health conclusions and recommendations regarding the local water samples taken in June 2019 and January 2022. The letter states that “drinking unfiltered Wausau …

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PFAS: City of Wausau Fails to Immediately Provide Clean, Safe Water, Despite Residents’ Requests

ALL WELLS IMPACTED BY PFAS FOR AT LEAST MORE THAN TWO YEARS According to the City of Wausau, the levels of PFAS range from 23 parts per trillion to 48 parts per trillion depending on the well. Sampling results indicate that, for over two years, Wausau’s drinking water wells have exhibited PFAS levels that exceed the proposed standards from Wisconsin …

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Press Conference Announcement of legal action to defend communities from WMC toxic chemical lawsuit

CCW, Wisconsin Environmental Groups, Seek to Intervene in the WMC Lawsuit Filed Against DNR

Environmental and Public Health Groups Announce Legal Action to Defend Communities from Toxic Chemical Lawsuit Brought by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce June 14, 2021 Press Release Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) filed a request to intervene in a lawsuit initiated by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce that threatens to fundamentally undermine the Spills Law—a bedrock environmental and public health protection that keeps …

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pfas letter

CCW Signs On to PFAS Letter to DNR

  • PFAS
  • October 13, 2020

Citizens for a Clean Wausau and Over 30 Other Wisconsin Environmental Organizations Call for the State to Require PFAS Testing in Public Drinking Water Systems Per the press release from Midwest Environmental Advocates on October 8, 2020, “a coalition of 34 environmental and public health organizations submitted a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urging the agency …

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