cleveland avenue wausau pfas groundwater testing

DNR Requests PFAS Groundwater Testing for 1300 Cleveland Avenue

Detection of PFAS in the Site’s Soils Apparently Prompts Request for PFAS Groundwater Sampling

According to an August 2, 2022 email from Matt Thompson, a DNR Hydrogeologist Program Coordinator, to Eric Lindman, the City of Wausau’s Public Works Director, the DNR advised that a plan be developed to sample for PFAS in groundwater at 1300 Cleveland Avenue due to the detection of PFAS in soils recently sampled and analyzed at the site.

In the email, Mr. Thompson states, “For now, the Department can require PFAS sampling at sites. Given the detects of PFAS in soil samples are the site I would advise developing a plan to sample for PFAS in groundwater.”

While PFAS was detected in the soils of the site, information on the DNR’s BRRTS website states that no soil RCL exceedances were identified on the property in relation to PFAS. 1300 Cleveland Avenue is currently an open DNR ERP site for multiple contaminants and remediation will be required in the future. The ERP site’s page on the DNR’s BRRTS website, and its associated records, can be accessed via this link.

The public record of the above email exchange between the DNR and the City of Wausau is embedded below, and a link to the record’s PDF can be found here.