riverside park dioxin sampling locations

Dioxin Results in Park Exceed State Regulatory Standards

Results from the City of Wausau’s own September 2020 soil sampling in Riverside Park show that multiple sample locations demonstrated exceedances of state DNR regulatory standards for a non-industrial setting. The City’s environmental consultant, REI Engineering, performed the soil sampling and the analysis of the results which came from Pace Laboratories. REI’s analytical spreadsheet of the latest testing results was included in the packet for the December 7, 2020 Parks & Recreation Committee meeting and can be found via the following link:


The DNR is currently reviewing the results and, reportedly, will be providing a response to the City in 60 to 90 days.

REI’s analysis of the results demonstrated an area of dioxin contamination in the park that was wider than the culvert area, and also revealed that exceedances exist, in some areas, not only at the base of the A-Horizon, but also at shallow surface soils at the 2” to 3” depth.

From page 2 of the Parks & Recreation Committee meeting packet referenced above:

“When looking at only individual compounds, 19 samples identified concentrations exceeding the NR720 state soil standards for at least one (1) dioxin/furan. Of these 19 samples seven (7) also exceeded the NR720 Cumulative Cancer Risk with four (4) also exceeding the WDNR NR720 Cumulative Hazard Index.”

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