Citizens for a Clean Wausau Submits Comments to DNR on WAULECO Remediation

Today’s comments urge environmental regulators to add extensive on-site excavation and an off-site pump and treat system to WAULECO’s remediation efforts

The DNR is currently reviewing WAULECO’s Remedial Action Alternatives Plan for the next phase of the Thomas Street neighborhood’s groundwater remediation effort. The neighborhood’s groundwater was highly contaminated by pentachlorophenol after decades of its use at the Crestline and SNE industrial property at 130 W Thomas Street (now WAULECO, Inc., owned by Sentry Insurance).

Today, Citizens for a Clean Wausau submitted its formal comments on future remedial action, supporting extensive and deep excavation of soils on-site, and an off-site pump and treat system to further protect the environment and residents.

The comments to the DNR can be viewed embedded below or you can download and view the PDF file here.