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CCW Submits Comments to DNR on Riverside Park Soil Cleanup Standards for Dioxin Contamination

The comments urge environmental regulators to recognize and enforce Wisconsin’s own soil cleanup standards to define the area of remediation in the park.

The DNR is currently reviewing the September 15, 2021 Site Investigation Report (SIR) from the City of Wausau and its consultants, REI, regarding Riverside Park (02-37-584785 Riverside Rail Corridor).

On October 4, 2021, Citizens for a Clean Wausau submitted its formal comments on the definition of the area of remediation to the DNR. Citizens for a Clean Wausau to DNR:

“In this vein, we respectfully request that the department recognize and enforce its own NR 720 direct contact RCLs for dioxins and furans in this circumstance by, in part, requiring that these RCLs are used to define the area of remediation on the site, not a TEQ scheme compared to any non-state standards to which the SIR references. Alternatively, we believe that TEQs compared to or against Wisconsin’s 2,3,7,8-TCDD Non-Industrial DC RCL (4.82 ng/kg) to define the area of remediation would be just as protective, and consistent with the state’s regulatory scheme.”

The full comments to the DNR can be viewed embedded below or you can download and view the PDF file here.