request for more manhole testing

Citizens for a Clean Wausau Submits Request to DNR for More Manhole Testing

Today’s request urges environmental regulators to take action on further investigations in and around the Thomas Street neighborhood.

Just last month, Wausau Water Works had sampling and testing done from manholes in and around the Thomas Street neighborhood. The results showed that 4 of 6 manholes tested came back positive for pentachlorophenol.

Today, in regard to this matter, Citizens for a Clean Wausau submitted a request to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The full document can be viewed below (or through the PDF directly) and it includes a request for three things:

  1. An expanded investigation with additional testing to ensure that the other manholes and utility corridors within WAULECO’s contaminated groundwater footprint are not similarly contaminated — including the known pathways and piping used for the discharge and transport of WAULECO’s effluent to the wastewater plant.
  2. Appropriate, thorough testing which includes not only penta, but the additional contaminants that were known to be present in WAULECO’s contaminated groundwater (and system effluent).
  3. That until an appropriate investigation occurs, the DNR restricts any utility activities or work in the neighborhood which may worsen the discharge of this hazardous substance, or that may jeopardize an investigation’s ability to collect accurate data.