stephen lester chej thallium cleveland avenue wausau

Harvard-Trained Toxicologist Gives Opinion on Cleveland Ave. Thallium Contamination

Prominent toxicologist, Stephen Lester, along with research associate, Mihir Vohra, evaluates Thallium soil contamination on Wausau’s southwest side

From the evaluation and letter:

“Although thallium can be detected in native soil as most heavy metals are, the levels of thallium found at the 1300 Cleveland Avenue site are above state and federal guideline values that warrant cleanup. This is particularly important given how dangerous thallium exposure can be and how close some of the thallium-contaminated soil samples are to people’s homes. Thus, our recommendation is that in order to protect the health and life of Wausau residents, cleanup and remediation of thallium must be done before any development occurs at the site.”

The full letter attachment can be viewed embedded below or through this link to the PDF itself.