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Department of Health Services Provides Public Health Conclusions for 1300 Cleveland Avenue

5/6/21 Update:

In a 4/30/21 communication, DHS clarified its earlier recommendation about gardening practices by specifying that “residents concerned about soil contamination can use raised bed gardening on their private property for growing fruits and vegetables.” An image of the communication can be viewed below:

patrick peckhamAccording to a letter from state health officials, Alderperson Patrick Peckham, who represents Wausau’s District 1, contacted the Wisconsin Department of Health Services because he was concerned about thallium and other contaminants on the 1300 Cleveland Avenue site that the City of Wausau owns.

In the letter addressed to Alderperson Peckham, the Department of Health Services (DHS) provides its public health conclusions for 1300 Cleveland Avenue based on the City of Wausau’s and GEI’s October 2020 soil and groundwater testing. A summary of DHS findings is on page 1, and conclusions and recommendations from the DHS toxicologist are on page 5. Find the entire evaluation embedded below or through the following link: https://bit.ly/2QAaE56

DHS conveys to Alderperson Peckham that there could be a public health hazard present if very young children are consistently on site due to thallium levels found in soil onsite.

The state toxicologist from DHS goes on to recommend that the City of Wausau should consider steps to ensure children cannot access the site to minimize potential exposures to any physical hazards and elevated levels of thallium present.