Docs: Inconsistent DNR Enforcement of Dioxin Standards in Wausau

This year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) sent the City of Wausau a Responsible Party letter to investigate and cleanup soil with dioxin levels far lower than were found in Riverside Park years ago. Yet, to this day, no substantive action has been taken by the DNR or City in or by the park where the higher soil …

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City of Wausau Receives DNR Responsible Party Letter for Dioxin Contamination

According to the DNR letter, the City of Wausau is responsible for the “discharge of a hazardous substance or other environmental pollution.” The letter references 132 River Street as the specific site of contamination. The DNR has confirmed that the pollution in question is dioxin contamination that exceeds state soil standards for a residential setting.

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Wausau City Council Approves Access for CCW to Test Park

After a year and a half of community concern and deliberation at City Hall regarding Riverside Park, on Tuesday, October 22, the Wausau City Council approved the request of Citizens for a Clean Wausau (CCW) for access to the park to take soil samples and analyze them for dioxins and furans. Results from 2006 private soil samples near a culvert …

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rei cost

37% of Taxpayer-Funded Park Testing Would Not Go to Soil Testing

A proposal which the City may present as a compromise plan now includes only 3 samples (50% of limited samples taken) which may be relevant to the primary concern expressed by the community and council members — the runoff zone near the park’s southern forest. A map of revised boring locations for today’s meeting now show that 50% of them …

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riverside park contamination presentation in wausau

CCW Presentation Given at City Hall on July 23, 2019

Note: The full video of CCW’s presentation at City Hall is now available online through public access and can be viewed here:https://waam.viebit.com/player.php?hash=muSYwgtQJDt9 Citizens for a Clean Wausau presented goals, suggestions, and documentation to the Wausau Parks & Recreation Committee on July 23, 2019. The presentation slides are embedded below. The PDF of the presentation slides can be download here.

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2009 memo

WAULECO Lawsuit Memo Related to Neighborhood Penta and Dioxins Now Publicly Available

Source: Wisconsin DNR BRRTS The stated purpose of the 2009 memorandum written by a consultant of the plaintiffs’ attorneys was to characterize the WAULECO-related penta and dioxin concentrations that existed in onsite and offsite locations through time. According to the WSAW Channel 7 article, Wausau Residents Sue Over Chemical Contamination, neighborhood residents “sued Wauleco, alleging personal injury and property damage …

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