Wausau Chamber of Commerce Opposes Environmental Justice With Apparently Little Support

8/14/21 Update: The City of Wausau has compiled written public comment that it received relating to the Environmental Justice Resolution and it can be found at the founding link and embedded below. https://www.ci.wausau.wi.us/Portals/0/Departments/Council/Archives/Council/Council/2021/COUN_20210810_Packet3.pdf According to multiple local news sources, the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce has come out as the main opponent to Wausau’s Environmental Justice Resolution. Interestingly, the once …

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Wausau Entertains Resolution to Better Protect Working Class Areas from Contamination

The City of Wausau is entertaining Environmental Justice approaches that are commonly used by state and federal agencies, and that were started under the Bush administration in the early 1990s. For decades, the EPA has leveraged Environmental Justice approaches and policies. Environmental Justice “is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or …

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Environmental Justice in Wausau: Part I

According to EPA data, 46% of residents within one mile of the contaminated WAULECO site on Thomas Street live below the poverty level. WAULECO is a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance. Sentry’s earned premiums in 2017 grew by $169 million to $2.8 billion.1 What is Environmental Justice? Environmental Justice policies and initiatives are meant to ensure that communities of color and …

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