future community partners campus property wausau contamination

Future Community Partners Campus Property Now an Open DNR ERP Site

Contamination identified at 360 and 372 Grand Avenue includes, but is not limited to, Tetrachloroethene (Perchloroethylene), PAHs, and Arsenic. The site is the latest in a string in Wausau to encounter problems potentially associated with historic fill in the subsurface.

The Grand Avenue property earmarked for the future Community Partners Campus is now an open DNR Environmental Repair Program (ERP) site, after contamination exceeding DNR regulatory standards was identified through sampling and laboratory analysis. The ERP site shows a start date of April 19, 2021, according to the DNR’s website. The site is now associated with Volatile Organic Compounds, Heavy Metals, and PAHs according to its DNR BRRTS page and a Site Investigation Report to which the page links.

Community Partners Campus sought a $1.5 million loan from the city to acquire and develop this Grand Avenue property to house multiple nonprofit agencies serving homeless and low-income residents, according to local media and government documents.

The Geotechnical Report for the site can be found here, and the Site Investigation Report can be found via this link or embedded below.